Better together!

As the night wore on and the clock stuck 12, not one person in the house had slept. ‘Diamond’, ‘Heartin’, ‘clawers’ and ‘spades’ ruled the conversation. It actually had been a tiring day, but nothing can be seen on their faces. For when siblings come together, where will tiredness reside?

‘J’, my little sister, had just got married. We (the cousins) had planned a prank and waiting for her to enter the room with her ‘just married’ husband ‘A’. Poor ‘A’, what is he getting into? We were playing cards, pulling each other’s legs. There was fun. Frolic! ‘A’ and ‘J’ just walked in. It was almost 1 AM and the prank was played. The sound of the laughter would have been heard across the town, for we “Laughed out Loud”.

As I went to my bed that night, I kept thinking about this beautiful concept of sibling hood! Not necessarily children born of the same parent. People brought together by blood and by will. People who consider the other as soul mates and as bloodlines! Beyond age and gender differences. Much beyond the oceans and the lands.

In a world divided and competitive, I don’t remember ever being Jealous of any one of my siblings! And I have plenty of them. We have fought and cried, but never have we borne a grudge against one of them. I confidently use the pronoun ‘we’ for I’m sure every one of them can vouch for my previous statement. Sibling rivalry has never been heard. Broad shoulders to lean on and warm laps to rest down have always been the norm. Perhaps, I’m one of the privileged few! Perhaps, this is how it is meant to be.

As the wedding reception went on, a small decorated area was kept exclusively for selfies’. The background read “Better together”! I took pictures together with a few of my siblings, whoever was available then.

For the world is better, when siblings stay together!




A simple person trying to swim against the tide

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samuel gnanadurai

samuel gnanadurai

A simple person trying to swim against the tide

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