Casteism and Patriarchy — Ideologies which kill

T/w : Violence, rape, sexual assualt

She was working in the fields along with her brother and mother. She was at a distance from the others and four to five men from supposedly upper-caste gagged her and dragged her to rape and throw her along the fields. It took the administration 4–5 days to take her to the hospital and then after her death the police, in the abode of darkness cremated her body while holding the victims' family house arrested and cordoning off the entire area.

India has seen 87 declared rapes a day in the last one year. Like this girl, most of it against the women from the lower caste. These cannot be treated off as incidents but rather should be looked at as structural crimes. What are those structures which keep perpetuating such crimes? Structures should have ideological backings! Then what are those ideological backings which conserve such practices?

Patriarchy, that the man is higher than the woman in the ladder of social structure is one of the major ideologies backing such crimes. Casteism, that there are people born in this vile world who are beneath you and your dignity of life is the other.

Do you ascribe to one of these? Did you and your coterie in the name of marriage adhere to the ideology called caste? Did you say, any caste but Dalit? Are you part of the group which looked for caste in your partner, yet think you are not casteist? Yes, you, who hide your caste feelings in the garb of culture!

Then those who subscribe to patriarchy. All of you who think that the man is the better half in a partnership! Those of you who believe that women should be in the kitchens of the world. Did you say that such things happen, coz women dress badly? Do you ascribe to violence against women behind the veils of marriage?

Every one of you is responsible for such a crime, for you cohere to an ideology on whose backbone the structural crimes of rape and murder of Dalit women happen.

Every time I have used the word ‘you’, my computer hark back and ask me, ‘what about you?’ It is time we look deep within; Look in a mirror; Ask yourself the question. Do you ascribe to casteism and patriarchy in some small form? Then you are as much a part of the murder, as those bloody rapists are!

Till such ideologies exist, the structures backing such incidents cannot be broken! And ideologies should die in the bottom-most pits of our hearts.

A simple person trying to swim against the tide