Father time and my old man!

1990! I wake up. Look around for him. He is in his usual place. Easy chair, newspaper in hand. The brown lungi, without a shirt. I walk up-to him. He keeps the newspaper to the side. He takes me onto his lap.

My routine till I was five. Perhaps even after. The Dad’s lap was all I ever wanted. My dad. My super hero.

2022! I have this looooong call with him trying to explain how office 365 works on an iPad. I hate the call. Don’t want it to prolong. It goes on and on and on. Everything I try fails. Team viewer (trying to remotely connect to his iPad) didn’t work either. It takes us a good hour to sort it out before I cut the call. I hate that one hour. Arrrrrgggghhh😡😡😡.

30 years! Phew, time has flown by!

The dad was the smartest brain I knew, till I met my wife. He knew everything. Once during my school days he taught me science and I still remember that day. The lesson sounded so clear; I was in awe of his brain then. Apparently he was the smartest around during his school days as well.

As I saw that brilliant mind struggle to understand and work its way through something as simple as Office 365, something in me broke down. This wasn’t the first time it has hit me. I knew the man is getting old. Yet, it hit me hard today. My man is becoming old! The transition from being the super hero to an old man is real. Scary as hell.

No, I didn’t shout at him. I was remarkably patient. And I promised myself that I will be patient when he needs me again. For, sadly, I know it can only go downhill from now.

Why can’t time wait for me? Can I stop time once? Just once? shall I just go back to the days of sitting there on the dad’s lap with my hands on his paunch? Is ‘turning back the clock’ meant to be a phrase for a fantasy land? Father time, can it ever be defeated?

Surely time in the real world can never ever be defeated!

But perhaps precious memories, hazy imageries, forgotten stories and the residual thoughts are all those we are left with to fight time, at least in our own metaverses.



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