In search of his identity!

His beautiful girlfriend invited him to her sister’s wedding. “I am inviting only you”, said she. ‘Only You’, Those words fell on his ears like a love song. Off he went. The first time of meeting her family. Nervousness! Excitement! He imagined her in a saree…….

He was locked up in a room, beaten badly. Peed on! Before he realized what had hit him, his life was torn in front of his eyes.

What happened in between? Why did that happen?

This young boy was made to realize he is from a caste considered lower. Suddenly he is realizing that the world does not see him as an equal. He looks around to see, his world to be very different from the world his girlfriend lives. Who am I? He asks himself. Who am I?

Why am I, getting beaten behind closed doors?

Why even the gods do not let me near him?

Why even the men who laugh with me hate me?

Why do more of my people get killed in the railway tracks?

Why do more of my men suicide?

Why have I never got into the temple cars?

Why am I given separate glasses in tea shops?

Why is my house always in the peripheries of the village?

Why only my men die under sanitation pits?

Why? Oh, Why? Why?

As the news came of the six young children from the Musahar community eating grass as food in the prime ministers’ own constituency, I went back to watch the movie ‘Pariyerum Perumal’, which is the story I had just narrated!

I tried to put myself in his shoes, but I could not understand his question. “Who am I?” did not resonate with me since I was never repressed. So I change my question. “Why only them?” In a country as big and as poor and as chaotic as my country is, why only the Musahar, the mahadalit community children, had to eat grass to survive. Of course, they are the poorest of the poor; But why? Why do they end up the poorest always?

As he went in search of his identity, it is important, I and my country ask the question, Why only them? Or why more of them?




A simple person trying to swim against the tide

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samuel gnanadurai

samuel gnanadurai

A simple person trying to swim against the tide

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