The lonely girl in a man’s world!

This lady ‘X’ had been married when she was 17. After having multiple children the husband left her to fend for herself. ‘X’ married off her eldest daughter when she was in her teens. The eldest daughter’s husband left her after giving her two girl children.

Now 62, ‘X’ along with an uneducated daughter and her two grandchildren are trying to live life on their own. Educating the girl was costlier then. Educating the girl wasn’t on their mind. Education for girl children, the religion didn’t approve of. Educating the girl was antithetical to the societal norms.

After so many years and multiple generations, the family is finally living the fury of the patriarchal stupidity of the society.

As wifey was discussing this story about this family, I was reminded and deeply disturbed by another video which was doing the rounds on Social Media. A video of a young girl in hijab being heckled by young boys, most probably her own classmates.

It was scary! heartbreaking! What was going through her mind when she walked across these hecklers?

Finally through all the patriarchal idiocy of generations when the girl child could come to school, they are being heckled and booed out of their classrooms in the name of religion and religious identities.

No, I don’t know how it feels to be a woman in this man’s world. But I know it is time I shut everything up and let the girls be. Don’t let religious, societal and cultural compulsions come in between the girls and their education. Let them be. Let them just be.



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