To be happy or to be perfect?

Jonathan Liew wrote this about Shane ‘the wizard’ Warne

“I love that he wasn’t perfect and most of all I love that he never tried to be”

This got me thinking about the eternal pursuit of mankind, ‘perfection’ and does it indeed come in-between happiness?

I’m the happiest when I have parottas and mutton chukka for breakfast (Yes, we get parotta’s early morning in my hometown😅), beef biriyani for lunch, and Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. What a life would that be! I’m drooling now, typing this. Phew, how I wish I can do that every day? Can I afford that sort of extreme happiness? Is that the pinnacle of happiness in the first place? I’m not sure.

But I’m sure it also makes me happy when the weighing scale does not cry when I’m on it; But for that happiness, parottas and my biriyani’s cannot do.

When the former Indian captain Virat Kohli spoke about fitness and diet and how he has managed his body, I dreamt! I dreamt of becoming one such. Obsessed with fitness, perfect in the diet; Does achieving dreams lead to happiness? I think so. Can and should I sacrifice my parotta’s and biriyani’s in the pursuit of that happiness?

Why should I sacrifice day-to-day happiness at the altar of perfection? In the pursuit of the illusory ‘happiness’ again? I mean, am I not already happy?

Ah, such a complex question. Perhaps life isn’t all about happiness. Perhaps there is more to it than what meets the eye. Or is it?

I guess, to each his own!

For now, the weighing scales are crying as the parottas and the biriyanis are keeping me happy! Some day, one day, I will try to be perfect though😉



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