When your hero becomes your friend

Do you have people in your life who you have watched from afar and secretly adored? The cricketer or the film star or a celebrity or the Neighbour next door. A person you have watched in real life or reel and wished you have that kind of talent? Wished you have that confidence, the attitude they carry, that articulative ability, that quality of thought process, the sense of humour, or sometimes even the anger? We all have a few people in our lives like that, don’t we?

What happens if you have not met the person, nor spoken to the person but have just quietly adored from afar for a long time and suddenly one fine day realize you got to be good friends with them?

I gathered enough courage to ping ’N’ and froze when the reply came in. Here I’m texting a long-time hero. How do I not freeze?

’N’ wrote beautiful prose and even better poetry. ’N’ was articulate, courageous, brave, funny, and feisty. Everything I’m not and wish I can be. Ah, when ’N’ ranted on social media there are thoughts that I have taken time to think through, and they came from deep pain. Articulating pain, I promise, is the single most difficult thing for a writer, and ’N’ can bleed pain. Every time I read it, I went ‘awwww’.

’N’ responded gracefully. Within a few minutes of the conversation, I became comfortable talking. There started a good friendship, a friend to whom I go for opinion, thoughts, ideas, and assurance.

How does it feel to become good friends with your heroes?

Now, with all the wisdom of the grey hairs, I sometimes think heroes are ordinary people highly skilled in a field of activity. One also realizes heroes are normal human beings with their own yin and yang. But then, what is so romantic in life, if we put even our heroes within the same box as the monotony.

I loved it when ’N’ used to be a hero, almost a decade since. It is better to have ’N’ as a friend now.

But can’t we just let heroes be? I wish I keep ’N’ on the pedestal till the end. Let proximity not diminish the sense of amazement; why should age destroy the wonders of the youth?

This blog is to celebrate another year in the life of ’N’; My friend, my hero!

Happy birthday ’N’. Here is to many more years of being the rock star that you are. Godspeed!



A simple person trying to swim against the tide

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